Quirks and eccentricities

Written by: David Whalen

Quirks and eccentricities (I’ll show you mine if you show me yours) I have my favorite fork and spoon Also gotta drink from my favorite glass Never fasten top button or tuck shirt in Guess that shows a definite lack of class Never fold pages in books to mark places Only one food item on plate at a time Buy shoes that fasten with Velcro, never laces And when thinking, try to make my thoughts rhyme Arrange used creamers with lids in flower petal form Always sit in a booth, never at a table Read funnies first, in the paper, in the morn Sniff every flower, whenever I’m able When out for a walk, I never step on a crack I always pick up pennies for luck, heads up is good, tails put them back I never have blankets tucked in on my bed Acknowledge everyone with a smile and a greetin’ Can’t pass my dog without patting his head I talk to pigeons, which makes people think I’m a cretin Pennies have to go in my left rear pocket Silver has to go in the right front I walk whenever possible (it’s healthy, don’t knock it) Mustard only on hot dogs, cause that’s what I want I must count every swallow of liquid I drink I see long lost loved ones faces in crowds and buses passing by I bite my lower lip whenever I think Do all three letter words first in crosswords (at least I try) Except for roaches, I never kill a bug Tho’ I think I could be a mean kung fu fighter Always seem to yearn for a big friendly ol’ hug Have delusions of becoming a meaningful writer I shave my face in exact same sequence each night I expect loyalty and truth from people around me In my quirks and eccentricities, I truly delight And in yourself , more than a few there might be