The County Fair a Fun Place

Written by: Marty Owens

How exciting to walk down the midway
with all the crowds, the vendors to hear what they say.
Oh look to your left, it's all the games!
Many people playing them, all variety of names.
To our right are the many shows.
And in these days we know that just about anything goes.
Hey look! Should we ride the Ferris Wheel?
It's so high it's bound to give us quite a thrill!
Let's try all of the rides, they are so cool!
They even have one where you can ride a mule.
We'll have hotdogs, popcorn and cotton candy.
All the foods they have are always so dandy.
Yes, the County Fair is the fun place to go.
If you have the time and the money to blow!

For Unamed County Fair contest