The Path

Written by: Luis Martinez-Rivera

A thousand miles,
walking forward never looking back,
yet never seeing the end.

Always glancing never seeing,
just passing never waiting,
to understand a thousand miles.

A path never ending,
turns and forks in between,
filled with shadows and light.

Walking looking at trees,
glancing at birds,
wishing to soar over miles.

For the miles just keep coming,
without truly seeing,
no vision of trees, clouds, even the fields.

The bends and forks,
giving choices,
not knowing which path to take.

For not seeing the path,
being laid out,
only walking a thousand miles.

Leads to being lost,
walking a never ending,
path of beauty.

Yet ignorant of the beauty,
haunted by a thought,
the path speaking.

Embrace the path,
turning glances to looks,
understanding the path.

Standing tall,
on the never ending path,
of a thousand miles.

Forks and bends,
giving choice,
seeing the path of light.

Trees, fields, birds,
showing what was hidden,
from the eyes.

The message finally clear,
a thousand miles,
the journey’s end.

Shadows overtaken,
light in front,
with a understanding.

Looking back,
over the thousand miles,
with a smile.