Cape Fear

Written by: Keith Bickerstaffe

...inspired by BOTH movies!

Cape highway, speeding, the radio full blast,
pitch black with only his headlights to flare
on the pavement, it's slick, for there's been a light shower,
hazardous drive but he doesn't much care.

He's a loner of sorts and he lives with his mother,
a Man of God, goes to church every week;
he's been to the movies to see the new feature,
a drama with action, seductive and sleek.

His name is Joe and he has some issues,
time spent long ago for committing a crime;
the District Attorney, a man named George Sherman,
sent him to prison to serve out his time.

On the road up ahead he eyeballs a pedestrian,
a young teenage girl and she's thumbing a ride;
his vehicle's a mess, it's just base transportation,
she'd better not mind the condition inside.

It's OK , she knows him, it's Joe from the diner,
(he cannot believe that he's having such luck!)
for it's Lindsay, the daughter of attorney Sherman,
who's sitting beside him curled up in his truck.

She's calm and relaxed, feels protected with Joe now,
sure beats walking around in the rain late at night;
she takes a cig and a swig from his Pepsi
and sits back, it's great, now her home is in sight.

But he takes the access road right of her driveway,
heads into the woods so forbidding and drear.
Joe isn't looking to ensure her safety, 
poor Lindsay, she has every reason to Fear.