Written by: Ef Kaye

I've never been in love before,
I think I had opportunities though
But kept waiting for this faceless myth
Did I ignore what was written above

Did destiny come knocking
Was I too proud
Or was it just wishful thinking
Of how my future would turn out

Nothing went according to plan
I see the error in my ways
Wish I could go back into the past
And change those all important days

Did one bad choice
Alter the course of my life
Did an error in judgement
Cause me to lose my mind

Has my moment come and gone
Is a thought that plagues me
Night and day, all day long
I wonder if there's a future left to seek

I want to stand by my choices
They were mine to make
Relief is what I felt when I made them
Even if they're perceived as mistakes

But what if I was right all along
And this is what's meant to be
Maybe it's God who chose it all
And I kept blaming me

Faith in God now carries me
Hope is what keeps me going
Even though my destiny eludes me
The wait is worth what's coming

Be it death or life
Hope or despair
Love or strife
I eagerly await my fate