Fantastic Reality

Written by: JustcallMe Britt

What does it mean to keep explanations age-appropriate?
I remember being influenced to hold onto fantasies as reality
Until my reality started to seem like a fantasy
These explanations led me into situations of sensational revelations 
Sweet tasting fantasies disrupted by a bitter aftertaste of reality
Wise young children believing everything they are told 
Lies bewildering and nurturing a fool to unfold 
You crawl before you walk, you walk before you run
You follow before you lead but no leading has been done
I’ve watched and learned that 
But I’ve lived and learned this
My two worlds are mixed but some WILL dismiss either fantasy or reality
Two polar extremes I fluctuate in between
Never a stable mean to lean 
Average seems to evade this perverted scene
A hypocritical fiend scheme
I refuse to birth an additional confused youth as a muse
To persevere the abuse as a pawn
Because I’ve held on and hold onto a fantastic reality that actions and words
Pronouns and verbs
I, We, They, Us
Analyze, Repair, Progress, Maintain
An environment of lives that are never in vain
A reality borne from a fantasy