Written by: Tania Gainous

i blinked
just like that my life
was different
people don't understand 
how much power they truly 
have over their lives
some people choose to drown
than to swim
some choose to die than to live
i'm choosing 
hope over death
victory over defeat
love over war
Gods will over me
i've had so many blessings
that a lifetime isn't enough
time to count them all
i'm believing God
not for anything ordinary
because he's not an ordinary man
i'm believing him for everything he
has ever wanted to give me
starting with his love
his love that covers the globe
yet nurtures the inner parts of my soul
evident on the surface of things
but i'm going to embrace the love 
deep into my bloodstream
i don't know how people live without him
some willingly others unknowingly
knowing him is not about being
super spiritual
but it's about being real with you
how did the big bang give you a heart beat
why can't lava donate hearts for heart surgery 
if it was just that easy
i mean people are crying
struggling to find the answer
when God is right there
waving his hand
not to judge you because he's not proud
but he said i am that i am
just believe
if you want to see just blink