What is this

Written by: mandy cabral

What is this?
What are we doing?
Are we really flirting?
I have to know,
Because inside I'm hurting.
I thought I would tell you,
I think you deserve to know,
That you're the one I think of,
The one I want to know.
You see me at my bad times,
And hopefully at my best,
But even though there's tough times,
Don't forget the rest.
I know I may not be perfect,
And that I know is true,
But you are the one I turn to,
Whenever I'm feeling oh so blue.
You always make me happy,
You put a smile on my face,
Sometimes you can be a big challenge,
But I feel I've already won the race.
You are so sweet,
And a perfect gentlman in every way,
I like you more, 
With every single day
So tell me now,
Can it be true,
Were you dreaming of me,
last night when I was dreaming of you?