Every day dawns and sets in west and 
Every night comes and hides in east
Every soul comes in birth and departs  in death
Excep t human every thing  is right
Nothing is wrong  and nothing  is worst
Between birth and death 
He  spoils this earth
He wants everything for him  and
He wants to take everything with him
Though he crossed many births and  deaths
He forgets that  he is nothing in death
Can he take even a penny with him ?
He forgets in today’s rush and crush
His greed on money and lust on women
Continues and continues up to his death
He learns  more in schools and from books but
 He forgets to learn from this earth
They were few came and told
The unstable state of  life and wealth
Even he is begging there money and forts 
To hoist his flag and rule this earth