modern issues

Written by: mandy cabral

They want to be skin and bones with plastic wasters, 
They want to be stupid, they want to be famous, 
Fake, superficial and contagious, 
"She don't want your love, 
She wants your money, boy." 

Modern royalty want cash in hand, 
Ritalin,vicodin, and diazepam, 
Valium,lithium, any kind of medication, 
Liposuction, collegen, 
Round and round we go again. 
Plastic Nose, cushion butts, Botox and plastic chest, 
You're not quite right, but you tried your best. 

Mattel rang, Hey Barbie they want you back in your box, 
You're allowed to have 'fun', but not too much. 
Media, media, media everyday hysteria, 
Disroders coming out your ears; and you think we're inferior? 
Ignorance is bliss, I guess. 
Open your eyes, blink twice and think, 
Your life is perfect, isn't it?