Extreme Capitalism

Written by: Zac Thraves

See that man?
Who barks to obey him with his eyebrows arched
while his dog
pukes over your bright-eyed shoes?
See that woman?
Fair mother of the young in her four-by-four who
would sooner strike your 
siblings than be late for zumba class again?
See that man?
Polished like a diamond, whose teeth gleam 
as he gobbles up your savings 
with a satisfying grin for his own rainy day. 
See that boy?
That girl?
Texting and tweeting and spitting and bleeping 
but not thinking
because everything is on Google.
See this as normal?
See us?
Everyday life spiralling into a state of extreme
self – no-one exists: but one.
Not you; not him; not us.
Welcome ladies and gentlemen of the East to our Wild West, where
you will die alone - 
in a green desert of greed.