Michele the auntie

Written by: Sakyra V Mance

Michele the auntie
I have to let you know
That I don't like you
Auntie you have an attitude problem
You won't let us know anything
What is your problem
Have you lost your mind
Michele the auntie
Are you upset that I don't care for you anymore
Would you like to here me say this in spanish
Cause it seems you don't understand english
How about in french
You say you understand my languages 
But it seems you catch up to nothing
Michele the auntie 
Tell me why I can't go sit down and eat my food 
Without you staring at me all evil eyed
Stay away from me
Tell me why I can't wear what I want to wear
If my mom says I can then I can
Just let us go our seperate ways
Michele the auntie