Coming Out Atheist

Written by: Nick Ruff

It seems so strange to me;
It seems so very odd;
You’re so concerned I don’t believe
In this thing you call God

Though you don’t have a reason
To tell me why I should,
And there’s no evidence that shows
It makes a person good

But instead of stating reasons
Why I can't accept belief,
Just think now if the tables turned,
And faith was the minority

Imagine me confronting you,
And telling you your life rings hollow;
Imagine your family concerned about
This Jesus that you follow

Imagine being looked down upon
As somehow not as good,
Just because you don’t lack a belief
That others think you should

Imagine being scared to pray,
Or say what you really think and feel,
For fear your words just might offend
Those who know God isn’t real

So before you start to condescend
And tell me about my eternal fate,
Please have the honesty to admit
That your religion’s based on faith

You say God adds depth to your life –
It gives you something more,
But my life’s fine as you can see –
It’s better than before

Not everyone can share beliefs,
So let me have my own;
We both are happy human beings,
We just choose different roads

All I’m asking you to do
Is accept me for who I am;
There’s nothing wrong with non-belief;
I’m living life the best I can

You tell me I’ve stopped searching;
You say I’ve given up,
But in my heart I truly know
I’ve simply just grown up.