Mean While

Written by: robert johnson

Letting go in gentle shades, to grasp the light that never fades.
We watch eachother dissappear a little more each day.
It's a gradual sence of eloquence to help us find our way.
Don't bother to erase the board that spells it out so clearly.
Just let God's grace shine on your face and hold eachother dearly.

We live within a moments glance.
And hope and pray for one last chance.
To aquire some of these worldly riches.
Without getting dirty and digging ditches.

A spark of luck's our only hope.
To answer prayer's and help us cope.
How many way's can it be said.
To appease these dreams still in my head?

We sail upon these lofty seas.
Begging for answers down on our knees.
We look up to an empty sky.
And hope for heaven when we die.