Words From Her Eyes

Written by: Chester Bennington

They speak so clear;
Your eyes tell tales the mouth never could.
I stand, stare, listen...
Iridescent words of joy flowing through this valley,
Embracing the silver clouds of thought in golden ray,
As my eyes listen yours sing in harmony,
Bells ring and love composes a brand new song,
The sky is ever clear

They speak to me still;
I watch the tales that talk to my heart,
But is it me or the whispering wind?
What was once is no longer.
Dry words flow through barren plains as birds of prey fly low,
Beauty sleeps among the graves, lost,
Yet it is not the wind, but the weeping soul,
Her eyes they shine no more

The words now are falling,
Crashing on the ground,
I feel the soulless calling,
But from your eyes no sound,
The rain drops on my heart,
The fire is gone, the beauty forever lost,
The eyes that once glowed with light for me,
Are now blind and tears fall silently