Skin and Bones

Written by: Tammy Flanagan

Skin and Bones

As the tears swell up in my eyes, then fall upon my face
You look at me in despair
I wonder if you loved me, or if you even cared
Was this the real masterpiece, or just an affair
My heart tries to be gentle and cover the pain
My mind come to reality and tells me nothing was really even there
For I have no heart left, the last shot has been blown
For all I have left is skin and bones

You were my life, I gave you all I had
So what did I do that was so bad
I loved you for you, something no one else had done
You were once my King, and I was your Queen
Now all we are is just a fairy tale dream

You got what you wanted, now here is my heart
I give it to you, for you were the one who slashed it apart
I have no use for it now, it does me no good
What good is a soul, with a heart that is scorned
And all I have left is skin and bones

My body wonders through time, my soul has no life
Doing what is expected of me, still trying to find
What you took away
The joy, the happiness, my life that once was
Now I am motionless, tranquil, I feel no pain
Awaiting for death, because I see no hope
For all I am is skin and bones

By: Tammy R. Flanagan