The Life I've lived

Written by: Sakyra V Mance

I am 6 and in the moment
The moment of excitement
I'm playing the piano 
Swan Lake
And I never knew how amazing this could be

I am 12 and not feeling this moment
For I have grown away from the piano
And I want to do something more
Makes me think I'm not meant for this

I am 17 and I'm back into the moment
I have started playing the guitar now 
And my sisters comments are hurting my feelings
But I have to stay strong

I am 30 and I am in a rock band
I am satisfied with what I do
But not what I have become
I thought I had the grand prize
But I lost it

I am 40 and I have nothing
What do I do
Tell me
Tell me please
This is the life I've lived