Written In The Sand

Written by: Arild Andresen Ertsland

Yesteryears and yesterdays..
Pass me by like a yet another phase
Wondering why and how..
Dreams are built here and now

Casulties may create the result..
What grows inside, its almost an exult 
It is all within my minds imagination
The everlasting hope for another fantasy revelation

Striking from a clear blue sky
Like a hawk dive for its prey..bound to die
My sences at high alert as it fills the air
You shouldn`t be around..You shouldn`t be here

From richer days to poverty
You`ld never survived the hunger anarchy
The hunger, the everyday struggle for a better life
Just to experience your soul being cut open with a rusty ol`knife

You live your life on a road leading to nowhere
Satifying yourself without no one who really care
Your legend is written in the sand..
Would only last until the next wave reaches land

June 30th 2012