Do You want us to be

Written by: Toquyen Harrell

God, I don’t want to have any cause of calling you on for
And you gave it
God you take care of everything
Thank you Lord
You have made everything possible
I believe in You Lord
You are the song that I sing
The air that I breathe
The joy that I feel
You are everything that my world is made of
How magnificent You are 
And breathtaking
God what do you ever want?
Do you want anything from us? 
Besides our love?
Do you want us to worship You and obey You?
You got that God
Do you want us to share You?
So what else do you want Lord? 
How can we imitate 
You who are so awesomely perfect
You who are everything that is good and morally great
And superb?
How can we ever try?
Do you want us to be?