The Bride

Written by: Stephan McBride

From early in life
She longs for the day to marry
to become united in one
searching out all who pass by
She strives to look Her best
throughout each day
being careful not to encounter stains
on Her dress She longs to wear
while in time it gets dirty
slowly taking over the white
detergent can no longer control
this world will make an attempt
to make it impossible for Her to find Her mate
For She might see all hope is gone
and wander this life in distress
as many, She has seen in tradition do
therefore She stumbles around in the crowd
for the veil over Her eyes
blocks out the light
She cries out for Her mate
One which can lift the veil
The bridegroom comes to Her call
She calls Him Jesus
He was able to wash Her dress
to remove every stain
when nothing else would work
She stands there glowing in white
As Jesus pulls up the veil
Her eyes light up to a new day
bringing forth a new creation
of love not from this world She had known
In leaving this earthy father
uniting with Jesus
walking down the path
to learn of Her heavenly father