A Shattered Dream

Written by: Eunice Lee

The cool wind blowing lightly on her

Curtain carressing her softly

As she lies on her cozy bed

Thinking and dreaming away

Slowly till she lazily closes her eyes

Not long does she visualize beautiful images...

Oh, she's on a vast grassland

With her pretty boy besides her

While she's in his sweet embrace

Both of them looking up at the sky

Breathing in the fresh air

Feeling the cool breeze

Listening to the chirping of birds

The running of water in the nearby stream

And the rustling of trees

She tells him

"Someday, I'm going to give you a baby girl!"

He just looks at her with a smile

And she smiles in return with a wide grin

She's never been so happy in her life

Soon after, she falls asleep

Letting out little snores softly

He too does the same

Aww...such a bliss...


Dark clouds fill the sky

They're awoken by a loud sound

Thunders clap and lightning strike

Strong wind is howling eerily

Everywhere is so dark and scary

There's no one in sight

Large raindrops beat hard on them

Everything is blowing away

She has an uneasy feeling

Sensing the danger

She grabs him tightly

For fear of losing him

But he slips away from her arms

Try as she may to grab hold of his hands

To no avail, he's been taken away by the wind

All she can see is his sadness

She shouts and screams for him

But he's no longer in sight

Tears still streaming down her face

Trying to hold on to a tree

Afraid that he can't find her

When she's not there

For what seems like hours

Everything is finally back to normal

Calm and peaceful once again

She can see the daylight

Birds come flocking around

Stream continue its usual path

But he's no longer there with her

Not anymore, try hard as she believes

Still feels his presence lingering beside her

Shuddering from the cold

Still she refuses to move away

From the same patch of grassland

Where sweet memories lie

Hoping and yearning for a miracle

That he'll be back one day

And stays by her side

Never to leave ever again

Days and nights pass

Tears run dry from her now swollen eyes

Alone and scared as she may

Realization dawns upon her

To her dismay...

Her dream has been shattered

She opens her eyes back to reality

Thinking for a moment

Amaze by her vivid imagination

Tears attempting to well up

Touched by the sad story

There's only one thing

That's going through her mind right then

"I want no shattered dream..."