he heard my plea

Written by: louis rams


The rains were coming down as heavy as can be
Lightning was covering the black skies
As far as I could see.
The rolling thunder deafening to my ears
As my heart filled with fear.

No place to run to - no place to hide
As I fell to my knees and started to cry.
I prayed to GOD to protect me
Cause I just wanted to get back to my family.

The thunder seemed to subside, as I opened up my eyes
Through the darkness of the clouds
A light came shining through
And like a spotlight it shone down on me
Then I knew the LORD heard my plea.

The rains were still coming down
Yet not a drop on me was found.
I felt a calmness come over me
As if I had been set free.

I rushed straight home and there my family stood
Just like I knew that they would.
They always feared when they heard 
the rolling thunder, and saw the lightning in the sky
And they would pray, just like I.

I hugged them and again I thanked the LORD
For giving me this opportunity - to be with my family.
If he heard my plea when I prayed
Why can’t you do the same?