Adult Dark - No ADULT content AT ALL

Written by: Keith Bickerstaffe

It's the last afternoon and we run for the school bus,
me and my brother, Mick, finally free,
'cos it's summer vacation, no teachers, no homework,
all the time in the world, well, a clear month or three.

We sit down for dinner with thoughts of the outside,
the playground, the carnival, so much to do!
"Say Grace, eat your veggies, and then do the dishes,"
said mom. "Kiss your Grandma, and Aunt Mabel, too. (ugh!)

I told Mick, "You be Tonto, I'll be the Lone Ranger,
it's MY mask, (you be Super Hero tomorrow,")
"OK, but I'm not gonna polish your pistols,
and I must make pee pee before we can go!"

"Come on! The light's fading, bad guys are escaping!
the world won't be safe from the wages of sin," 
so down to the pasture and up to the old barn
we galloped, 'til mom's voice commanded, "Come in!"

"Aww, mom, it ain't FAIR! What this is is 'ADULT dark,'
us kids can see, it's you old folks might fall."
Said mom, "then, there'll be no hot cocoa and cookies,"
"Oh, MOM! of a sudden, we can't SEE at all!!!