Spring Eternal

Written by: Robert O'Brien

         I was born in a land far 
off where the grass was 
       from the other side of the 
railroad tracks where I was 
        The trees stood firm, the 
meadows still, were all in 
             a far-off fragrance 
blossoming...like sweet 

            The pastures filled with 
flowers wild all in my past,
              then Spring Eternal 
came to me how it did last.
               A peaceful time, a 
quiet time for me to roam...
               and as for me in 
memory this was my home.

               My mother rocked 
me quietly while in her chair,
          and this would be my 
childhood dream without a 
           Then wake-up time 
began to chime and how it 
          like thunder-bolts of 
lightning times were not the 

            The time it passed not 
looking back where did it go?
                  Will I return to 
peace again? I do not know!
           But there's for me 
someone to see that she'll 
               a Spring Eternal to 
my soul that's not the same.

            She's in a land, a far 
off land where flowers bloom...
        where fields of grass are 
blossoming...like sweet 
       The pastures filled...the 
wild flowers bloom all in my 
              and Spring Eternal 
comes to me that it may last.

Robert's Book of Poetry
May 20, 2012