Love, mum

Written by: Muhammad Qaasim Madzima

who decides..
who gets lies..
and who gets the girl..
because my suggestion box is full..
and truthfully speaking..
a two-story house is too close to the sun for my liking..
but i dont mean it the way you think..
i just have a bone to pick..
but my dog is starving..
heads down..
tails up..
its a half confession..
the rest is forth coming attraction..
in traction of seduction skills i've acquired over the years..
whilst dodging humble old man as they are ferried to their graves..
oh God, this story ends..
but i am not in the end..
though i intend to see it till the end..
so i hide my shadows in dark places..
drinking risk-free ice-tea..
as the moon shines over my shoulders..
and for what its worth, i will bring you that star..