Exquisite Love

Written by: Steven Beesley

Exquisite Love:

Mesmerized by your every soft touch,
bringing forth exquisite feelings.
Each moment of bliss lingers,
enjoying your caress.
Warmth of our bodies
is so Divine,
we now

Our love,
heated passion
escaping all of time.
We are lost within each other,
together bonded in our long embrace.
Have eyes only for each other.
Our minds communicate
without any words
Our Love

has bound
us now and
together as one.
We are two souls now one.
We know of no beginning
and we cannot see any end.
This love, a gift from heaven above.

Steven Beesley (c) 2006-02-06

Nonet-Rictameter-Reverse Nonet:

Part 1 of poem - Nonet:
Consisting of 9 lines, 1st line has 9 syllables with subsequent line descending by 1 syllable.

Part 2 of poem - Rictameter:
Consisting of 9 lines, with the following syllable count 2-4-6-8-10-8-6-4-2. The first line and last line of the Rictameter are the same.

Part 3 of poem: Reverse Nonet. Same as regular Nonet, but sequence of syllables is reversed.