All What People Say

Written by: louzana nubani

I don’t know 
I just don’t know anymore 
Tears sting in my eyes
I thrive to release them 
But then all would ask “why” 
Signs and people 
Make me believe I’m doing something wrong 
But my heart 
That fragile pounding voice 
That bleak passionate emotion 
That thing that makes me who I am 
Shouts to me to let down my tears 
To shut out all thy people 
To do the thing that feels right 
To do the one thing I love more than anything 
Make people laugh, and smile 
Be there, just be there 
Supporting, believing, praying 
But then all would judge 
And the pureness would turn into guilt 
The guilt that would strangle me 
Strangle me into exhaustion and confusion 
And I would lie, hide, and change 
And people would notice 
They would ask “why” 
And I don’t want that 
Sometimes I wish if things weren’t things 
If words are easily done 
I wish if I could wake up 
Knowing every doubt and worry is gone 
Every ache, and asphyxiation mended 
But no 
The sun will come up again 
With every ray, there will be darkness 
With every hope it brings, shattered 
With every glee, agony will settle 
And we will shut it out 
With curtains and veils 
In the tears, darkness, and ache 
We were brought 
And in them we shall prosper