Charm a Child part one

Written by: Adeleke Adeite

When all he sees is your 
smile during campaigns,
only to get sighs whenever 
he cries and complains;
the time you would know 
you are niether wise nor 
is when that innocent kid 
is immersed in insincerity.

You ask for votes with your 
ever vibrant voice,
only to leave a cheerful 
child with no better choice
than to sleep nude on the 
nails of nature at night,
lo, you feed a fair flower 
with the force to fight. 

When the parliament has 
parrots as the main players
and lies lurks in the lips of 
Lords, leaders and lawyers,
yet, the one who yearns 
and yawn is a youth,
lo, you are taming a tender 
tongue to twist the truth.

If the hallowed hut is filled 
with hurts and hates,
family and friends will but 
have flagrant fates;
bend a budding bloom 
with the brooms of 
you groom not a garden 
but the grave of greatness.
Part 1

Copyright 2012.
Adeleke Adeite.