Haight Ashbury

Written by: tristen temple

The love of Ganesha....

Born upon the branches of the Monterey cypress', ucalyptusly turning leaves

Joyfully displayed reflections this retros, predominant vanguards of the times

Preceptencies vibrantly rainbowic colours; renditions aside the sea

Peace signs embracing the Eastern world of Katmandus, serenities scene....

A spectacular renaissance of Victorianly vaulted venues; splendours  

Painted hearts upon smiling faces so arrayed amid, these Cathedrals dreams

Flowers of divinities delicate epigraph flowing gently through, a totems breeze

Upon their way towards the Golden Gate Parks celestial celebrations, wherein

The militant Magi meets, the brightened Prince of Peace....

Ribbons and bows of Isalms ideals meshed beneath, a Buddhas tree

Adorned by Imagines precursed writings from, Lennons visionary keys

These, Egyptian teas with their green leaf beads and

Kissing doves of iconics love, less, such still framed ironies....


...."Haight Ashbury" *