Written by: Ken Duddle

Ruddy youths, outside my house Can't walk to the shops at night. Hanging on the street corner. They even follow me to the pub. They ought to get a job. Instead of bothering pensioners like me. I bet they'd mug you just for being old. I can tell by the way they look. I can tell by the way they dress. It's not safe around here no more. Ths is not the best of areas. But we have to make the most of it. I feel sorry for the old folk sometimes. But at night I like to watch out for them. Make sure they get to and from the shops. It's a bit tiring after working all day. The care home is very demanding. But me and my friends enjoy the work. Returning something for what was done for us. I understand though why some are mistrusting. Maybe one day the media will report positives. And not stories that cause fear and intolerance.