Sins Of The World Washed Away

Written by: Steven Beesley

Sins Of The World Washed Away:

The mist shrouds and floats in the valleys,
gentle wind moving it slowly.
Overcast skies, day gloomy,
bringing forth small rain drops.
Refreshing the trees,
cleansing nature
all around.

the air.
Moist petals.
Snails now roam.
Droplets of water,
clinging from all the leaves.
Now a rainbow does appear.
Everything seems bright and new.
All the sins of the world washed away.

Steven Beesley (c)

Double Nonet:
A double Nonet has 9 lines in the first part with 9 syllables in the first line and descending in 1 syllable for each successive line. the second part of the Nonet starts with 1 syllable in the first line and ascends to 9 syllables in the last line.

18 lines in total.