Collaborating in the clouds

Written by: Joseph May

God, why is there disease and 
evil in this world,and why is there no justice?
these are questions I yearn to know
can you enlighten me please

"It Is Because Of Sin And Greed
Why These Things Occur 
I Gave you All Free Will To Choose
But The Devil Has Corrupted All Mankind"

When will the end of this system be?
and who is the Beast of revelation?
and what is his mark?
can we survive without it?

"Those Answers Are Sealed In Heaven
The Only Way To Survive Is Not To Get The Mark
Some Will Know The Beast When They See him
Be Strong And Be Steadfast"

What does an Angel look like?

"Many Have Entertained Angels And Did Not Know
I Send Them Down From Time To Time
To Test Mankind.....
The End Is Near, Be Faithful And Never Fear
The Devil Must Be Defeated
And Destroyed  Along With Death"

Thank You Lord
By: Joseph May