Covenant of Fire

Written by: Michael Rice

The seventh suffering of Jesus Christ
in the outer courts of heaven
fulfilling the order of the sacrifice
that was burned – in the heavenly temple
(The Daily Sacrifice)

He was burned – to a crisp
didn't even have any skin left
the father God said – confirmed in the old testament

But through that seventh suffering
his blood – was turned to fire
In which
every living thing -  hath died

His flesh – was turned into fire
of which every living thing hath died
His breath – his last breath
God reached and got it – possessed it
was turned into fire
in which every living thing hath died

He said at that day
when my people begin to enter in
in obedience to my fulness
He said -  I turn their blood – and their flesh
and their breath into the fire – into the blood,
flesh and breath of my son.

And in them Every Living Thing – HATH DIED.

Their Diseases Die
Their Weaknesses Die
Their Worries Die
Their Desires Die

I make my angels – ministering spirits
My Ministers – FLAMES OF FIRE.

The Blood hath destroyed, his fire hath consumed
All works of Satan – HATH DIED.