For You, I shall be a Flying Spirit

Written by: Anoucheka Gangabissoon

Tears of joy made me so coy Never did I expect the coming doom That of losing on the blessed day, my bridegroom Fate, I call out to thee, do you take me for a toy? Tears of joy turned bitter Gone was the moment of laughter Life never to seen as truly sweeter For without him, there is no after! In my white gown, twinkling seemed the town Oh such a painful way to be let down All my dreams and expectations turned blunt For his memory shall I always hunt! A wandering soul, as empty as an echo I let my wings take me on a flight That of searching for his light That which can keep me full in ego Of what use is my existence? Can anyone compete with his magnificence? Whether you judge me as wise or foolish I trust my heart, so broken and so feeblish! Love, O Beautiful Word of the lovers What shall I make of my broken heart Shall the angels of Eden play their part? Can I dare to hope to see him in the holy altars?
Contest : If I had a Broken Heart Sponsored By : Daniel Esquire Date : 26 June 2012