Written by: Katty Holburn

I can feel you breathing down my neck,
I can see you staring right through me. 
Nothing but a knot you want to untie.
Get me loose, take me home, 
Just tell me I'll regret it, and I'll be there.

There's a knot in my mind telling me to rewind.
Take a step back, pretend it's a fact.
Can't have nothing without something. 
And it's hard to say that I've lost my way,
With this knot pulling me behind. 

I want to forget but still regret,
Every moment and every step.
Let loose, let go, bury myself in the snow.

I can smell you in the room.
I can hear you humming that tune.
Pull me out of the snow.
I'll regret that I've let go.
But I'll let the knot take control,
For there's never more than an empty hole.