Kate Abiri - Ode to a Kind Mother

Written by: Magnus Nwagu Amudi Esq

Created like a lioness
With strength and stamina
Fashioned like a dove
Gentle and humble

Shining like the beautiful star
Even as I see her from far
Her rays ever reflective on hers
And even further on others

An underpinning at home
More fruitful than Naboth’s vineyard
A queen in the kingdom
And a Solomon in judgment

A woman, likable to Deborah
The courageous Judge 
Her life, a beautiful script
Written only by God.

Like the sky
Blessed with twinkle stars
And one beautiful, glowing moon
Created in her own image

When they bright shine
Gazers enthusiastically stare
To appreciate the beauty she beholds

The proverbial mother hen
That would dare the kite
To a duel over an attack on any of hers
A pillar upon which they build

You did show,
And emphatically too
That it takes more than childbirth
To become a mother.

Can one forget, her bold journey
And her sojourn into the justice  temple
Where she is a priestess
Wiping tears off weeping eyes

A journey, a few of her kind
Dare only to dream of
But with the strength of a ‘Bucephalus’
The courage of ‘Togo’ the sled dog

She is thus far, to Mrs Kate Abiri
I pray thee to rise like Mary Odili