The Essence of Summer

Written by: Annalise Brigham

Summer haze paint opaque skies
On long, hot days when the honeysuckle sighs
Dispersing perfume, inviting broad smiles
Warming hearts of children and busy dragon flies

Cool lemonade poured over crushed ice, waits
Inviting long thirsts and simple tastes
Spread out under the shade of mango trees
Laden with fruit soon ripe for a feast

Light winds sail by giving leaves a twirl
As colored kites climb high, their ribbon tails in a whirl
Eyes filled with excitement affixed on the sky
Until the jingle of the ice cream truck is heard near by

These are the days that build memories to keep
Laughter, joy pervading; there’s no time to weep
The essence of summer; its tastes and sounds
For lifetime they linger; together we are bound 
3rd Place...."Summer Poems"