Lost In You

Written by: Summer Arthur

My heart has been ripped
To pieces time and time again,
I'd learned not to trust anyone
But you came around and
Made me believe forever
Just might exist.

A black rose once shadowed
Can finally bloom red as blood,
Thorns to protect this precious
Rarity couldn't keep you
Away, you showed me what
Love is really like.

I know like a drop of rain
Goodbye will eventually fall,
It's all I've known my entire
Life, but this time I won't
Run, I'm staying right by your
Side until the end.

Miles away I cry in pain,
It hurts to be so far gone,
I miss your arms around
Me, keeping me safe
Until morning light, erasing
The cynical sadness.

Help me, I'm reaching
Out in hopes I will be
Found, I'm going under,
Lost without a sound
And gravity is holding me
Down to earth.

All I want to do is fly, please
Promise to stay, fly with
Me into the night, I can't
Make it on my own,
I'm really not that strong, I need
To be lost in you.....