Pay The Cost

Written by: Arild Andresen Ertsland

They came so undone
To a journey not yet begun
United forces,shackled feet
City life from a back street

They all lived too fast
Thought they were unsurpassed
Visious circles,lives incomplete
Til they faced lifes`just a big cheat

Inside my heart is breaking
Something slowly building..aching
We`ve not yet lived and learned
Until the day we mess up and get burned

The urge to be free and wild
Led them to a dark side of life..reviled
Ultimate freedom forever lost
Now they`re let alone to pay the cost

June 23rd 2012

Inspired after seeing the streetchildren in Romania.Seeking shelter from the
cold down in the sewer systems beneath the streets..The youngest of them couldn`t had been much more 5 years old..