An Attempt at Clarification: Love and sin

Written by: Robert A. Dufresne

Feelings. They can be fickle,
and not worth a plug nickel.
Must one always take a bath
in the heat of another’s wrath?
Not all is resolved in anger;
blindness is the danger.
It’s often self inflictive,
and growth conflictive.

In theology one must be grounded,
Otherwise quite confounded.
The sinner is greatly loved , not hated
It’s only the sin that must be abated.

Sin is not natural
because it’s a lack of good…;
that’s factual.
Humanity can easily get lost
at a terrible cost,
If Christ on the Wood
Is not understood.

Instigating ill feelings for poorly educated discriminators
is discrimination itself, and dredges up instigators.
We humans can’t put one type of discrimination
in the gutter and another on the righteous shelf.
That simply isn’t conducive to good spiritual health.
There again; it’s the lack of good that must be abated,
not God’s little sinners hated.

Christ is our Savior. 
He is the One that called God our Father.
I can’t argue with Him, so I won’t bother.
If one studies sound theology and I do mean sound,
reasons for this gender language can be found.
We who preach against judging are usually judging.
To be self righteous is easy and feels good.
It’s seems easier than following Christ.. on the wood.
But in the long run, His yoke is definitely easier. Truth.

Love, Bob