Written by: Chandre Petersen

"I dedicate this poem To all the woman who have 
suffered abuse emotionally and physically and to 
those who have passed away as a result of abuse"
I have fought an endless war  
I have been beaten to the floor 
Yet you kissed me seductively 
And feared me leaving you secretly                                     
When the morning was ours we separate 
For we could never honestly mate 
For I was barren,forsaken,lost,fading 
I couldn't bear the fruit of which you waiting                                                                                                   
For I am bound to the pain of which I'm sealed
But born naked I stand before you and I am 
Contagious are the looks, painful the cold 
Waiting for you to release your beatings.                        
A scratch
A bruise
A vulgar word
A bruise
A scuff
A bruise
A lie 
A bruise

Listen, listen as I fall, as I hopelessly weep
For my life has taken its final leap
I weep not for my body laying there
But for the man that has to live with the conscious
Of being my murderer and leaving bare