New Passions

Written by: Charles Sides

Dad never shunned something new He felt he could learn “HOW TO” Dad could do it all! Amazed me, what he could do And all the stuff that he knew New things were a ball! As time went on, and I grew Like Dad, I liked new things too They would just enthrall! Engineering was my call Lots of new stuff to install Was I up to it? I made it without a fall Some classes I did appall But I’d never quit! Retired after the long haul But never am I banal Life’s good I admit! Writing poetry’s a hit I made golf clubs quite a bit Play golf till I’m tan! Fix guitars that are unfit Then publish “How to do it” Start a Bluegrass Band! Building models from a kit Don’t watch TV and just sit New passions are grand!
This poem is a Virelai, not shown in the poetry form list