Still Here

Written by: David Whalen

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I want to ask of my  family
I want to  plead to those who are near
Please don’t look straight through me
For I know that I’m still here

Acknowledge my  being
Let me know I exist
Please hear my pleading
Please let my presence persist

Tis as if I have no essence
Tis Your  disengagement that I fear
Please see and feel my presence
I may be passed…but I’m still here

I try to touch…
Reach to caress…
But you can’t sense my lips
to yours softly pressed

Tis as if I have  no essence
Tis your disengagement that I fear
Please, see and feel my presence!
I’m so cold… but I’m still here.

I’m so lonely…but not for long
can you  not yet  feel the chill?
For very soon you’ll  join me
I’m  cold …but I’m here still