Not All Barbaras are Home Wreckers

Written by: Barbara Washington

not all Barbaras are home wreckers, ladies
I heard the oldies and the goldie's of the sixties and seventies
Betty Wright and Peggy Scott sing them very fine
Beautifully at that, but ladies I'm here to tell you
That all Barbaras are not man stealers

I'm tired of the looks and stares
the avoidance and shunning
whenever I see you with your man
You or even him, may think I desire him, but 
I'm here to tell you, I don't desire all men

they may flatter me, and
I may blush, or even flirt, but
rest assure ladies, your man is safe
because I'm not trying to score with your balls
because I got  a man, can't you see that

yeah, yeah, yeah I'm aware their are married Barbaras 
that cheat on their husbands, but I don't, never did, and never will
so keep those emotional trips away from me
I am so stuffed to the hilt with all of it
I can't swallow another bite of your insecurities

yeah I like men, I love them
it's a natural part of my makeup as a straight woman, but
I don't sleep with them, just my own
I don't love them all, just my own
so for the last time keep those emotional trips 
away from me before I flip the scrip on you