Collaborating In the clouds

Written by: Tom Larrow

Many people seem to struggle, with their belief, in everlasting life
Questioning what and how to say goodbye, to mom, dad or wife
Maybe it's just semantics, because death is losing what we know
or is it a deeper struggle that needs a meaningful way to show

I've spoken with all my family, that have entered heavens gate
Throughout my life, receiving answers, is that destiny or fate
Not in a language or in writing, as we communicate an earth
It's a feeling and I hear a little voice inside, ever since my birth

Instead of worrying of pain or loss and how to say goodbye
Shouldn't honesty in life be our concern, without asking why?
Don't think of how you will say goodbye, when a loved one goes 
Smile and think of what you'll tell them " When you say hello"

Waiting for answer.

"Collaborating In the clouds" entry by Tom Larrow