There is a Pride in Poetry

Written by: Adeleke Adeite

There is a joy in jumping, only 
the Monkeys can tell,
they have a tie with trees that 
makes their spirit swell.
Their bond with Bananas is a 
tale of timeless duet,
if only monkeys could tell what 
makes their heart so high.

There is a pride in poetry, only 
poets truly know,
they have a way with words, 
what a gift in glow.
Enslaving men's emotion with 
exquisite expression,
yet no pen or paper can display 
their deepest passion.

Poets are a way-word world, 
whirling in wisdom,
having fixed fashions with 
fragrance of freedom.
The earth is theirs to plough, 
play and... pleasure,
with wild words: milk from a 
muse without measure.