The Downward Spiral

Written by: Derek Chos

She with the deadly bite
Whispers innocently into my ear
Gives me all a man could want
Ensures that she's always near 
When or if I need her

I used to look to the past for solace
Or the future to cheer me up
But laying here, unable to find the light
Feels like it could end so abrupt
In the darkness

She holds me close and rains her love upon me
I smile to keep her happy and sane
But inside I'm waiting til she's sleeping
To walk out in the rain
And shed my shell

Some do this to cover their tears
I do it to sober my drunken mind
That such life-giving drops would course down my skin
Wake me and free me from the binds
That are dragging me down this downward spiral

But it doesn't rain forever
Soon the drops abate and the air is dry
I hear her whispering, calling my name
And I trudge back, wondering why
I don't just hit the bottom