Your Name

Written by: Edison Okoth

Your Name.

Your name hast been mine breathe,

At moments when air I gasp for,

I have clang to the mention of it,

As others die ,

I thrive


Your name hast been all the same,

The unchanging sweet melody,

In my ears,

During moments of silence


Your name hast been mine hope,

For another day to live,

And another life to give,

When all tomorrows' cannot be seen,

And what lies  ahead is hazy 


Your name hast been the joy in mine heart,

When all I see is hurt,

It has put an unending smile,

In my face,

Made me walk a mile,

To the promises you made


Your name hast been mine glory,

In battles I have fought,

The teachings you had taught,

As I sat and did listen,

I have a glory that doth glisten


At the mention of thy name,

I see myself at thy side,

Filled with love abounding,

Peace confounding,

Without sprinkles of shame,

In truth I abide


Your name is a precious jewel I love to hold.