Understanding Poets

Written by: robert johnson

I could say the name of one.
I could say the name of two.
But in the name of being fair.
Singleling out simply won't do.

I can say this, that I've been graced.
When one's away, one takes their place.
I've come to have respect for both.
But this club don't require an oath.

I'm not too concerned with contest rules.
It's not that I think they're for fools.
But when restrictions bind what ties.
I have to think they're not so wise.

The bottom line for me is this.
If no one commented, I'd surely miss.

I've written this for the kindness of all poets. While a site like this should inspire one to elevate their craft. It's just very nice to have a place where we can share. Kind of like Norm when he walks into Cheers. Where everybody knows your name.