The Overdose

Written by: JustcallMe Britt

You have your story I have mine
You’ve lied about more than my allotted time
My fingers shake as I write this rhyme 
Blood boiling quake that’s been so very kind

Tell the world your story, sure 
I’ll only agree that we did not concur
I’ve lied about what? You didn’t say
The response you’ve sought is here today

Still I tremble to contain myself
From happy to red is where I’ve delved
You’ve presented your story with no evidence
You don’t have to believe me but THAT makes no sense

Is this just for your poetry’s sake?
You say I’ve justified lies I’ve made
What lies were they? Just let em know!
But until then let YOUR lies show

So I am numb yet my mood fluctuates?
I’m not crazy yet confused fills the slate?
YOU seem lost; the Soup is your plate
Only on the internet will others relate

Go hard or go home!
Slander me? Yes you’ve tried
No beating around the bush
There’s no bush needed to hide

Team PS says so slamming
That’s the ONLY thing holding me back
This is as blatant as it will be
Only for the team I will slack

N  O  B  O  D  Y    K  N  O  W  S    Y  O  U
Your poetry’s been read
But to yourself and the planet
You’ve been    L          O          N          G                      L          O          N          G          dead

You don't HAVE to understand but respect it
You have so much wisdom YET you're defected